Have you decked the halls yet? We ran a poll on our Instagram and it was a pretty even split: 50% had their trees up the day after Thanksgiving and the rest hadn’t even gotten the boxes down from the attic. If you’re in the latter group, you’re in luck. Designer Mel Bean is here! She’s offering up a look at a well-decorated space and sharing five festive tips to make the most of your own holiday decor!

1. Play up your home’s color palette! I like to change my holiday decor up a bit each year, and this year I’m referencing the colors in my drapes and in my favorite painting to inform the overall aesthetic. In my case, it means the addition of light blue/aqua ornaments in my tree, and in my existing stair and fireplace garlands. (In the photographed project, the client incorporated blue, gold, cream, and white to play up their interior palette.)

2.  Think in layers. Sure, the Christmas trees and garlands are obvious, but you can also add more accessories to surfaces than you typically have, and they need not be Christmas specific. I like to bring out my sparkly geodes and layer with books and lanterns- the candlelight on the glittering surface is enchanting!  

3.  Look up. Our client had the brilliant, and simple, idea to add ribbons to her island pendants.  It’s a festive, and subtle, touch! 

4.  One of my favorite things about holiday decor is the moody lighting. I love a room lit by lights from the Christmas tree, candlelight, and ideally, a fire!  For my tree, I love traditional Christmas lights, but for my garlands I prefer using fairy lights for a softer look.

5.  Fill your home with a wonderful and cozy scent! As much as I’d like to have the scent of freshly baked cookies constantly fill my home, candles are much more practical! I prefer a slightly masculine and woodsy scent for winter- it can be jarring to experience a summery scent in a home decked for the holidays!