Nothing is more indicative of cold weather and the holidays than plaid. A traditional print that dates back to the 17th century worn by Scottish nobility, plaid or ‘tartan’ as it is originally called, is a criss-cross pattern made in various fabrics, most notably in wool.

Although plaid has a classic side, known for its use in pleated skirts and winter jackets, it can also have an edgy feel. Adopted by the punk movement as a way to twist a pattern that was most notably associated with the traditional British aristocracy, it was a sign of rebellion. In today’s street style we see it in all its forms- on those who like a classic look as well as those who prefer a downtown feel.

Whatever your style preferences are, your winter outfit should definitely include one great piece of plaid. One of our favorite examples is the first image in our slide show, where an oversized tartan scarf has been masterfully styled with a simpler check patterned jacket. Because of its graphic appeal, plaid is an extremely versatile motif, giving interest to anything from pants to boots to a winter overcoat. You can certainly try your hand at mixing it in with other patterns, but our preferred pairing is with denim and leather to give it a slightly more modern feel.

Take a look at our seasonal tartan picks to complete your wardrobe:

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