The contents of our bags can totally define us. Whether we’re traveling abroad or just dealing with our daily commute- we all have essentials that we never leave home without. Since our bags offer a glimpse into our personalities, we’re turning to our favorite bloggers to discover what they can’t live without. First up, Kat of The Refined Woman. As a recent NYC transplant, this SoCal girl has learned a few things about surviving in the busy city. From sanitizing to sanity, she’s got all of the bases covered. Take it away, Kat: 

A purse in the city is a woman’s survival kit. Since most of us do not have cars and depend on public transportation, it has to have everything you need for your work and play and anytime in between.

Moving to New York City from Newport Beach has been quite the transition. It seems like almost everything in my life has changed in the past six months, even the tiny details of my life like what I keep in my purse. With winter in full force and Fashion Week just weeks away, it’s about time to share what’s in my survival bag purse.

First of all, the everyday bag I carry in the city is a Longchamp “Large” Navy Blue Tote. It’s no coincidence many women carry this specific tote in the city. You need a purse that’s big enough to hold your extra pair of shoes amidst other essentials. A city woman always wears her flats en route, and slips on her heels before entering her destination. (On that note- be sure to always have a ziplock freezer bag in your purse to put said shoes. NYC streets are not the cleanest.)

Bag-o-Essentials: Bandaids, hand sanitizer, and chapstick. Why? With so much walking around, blisters become a close friend. Always always have a stack in your purse. Now, I have never been that type of person that carries hand sanitizer around with me, but after one week on the subway I was practically bathing in it after each ride. Lastly, Chapstick is a must; it is cold and extremely dry in the winter, and your lips will thank you for having this on hand. Trust me.

Make-up Forever HD Powder + travel brush: I never wore this until moving to the city, but with so much running around, and temperature changes (it’ll be freezing outside and a sauna once you step foot inside anywhere and vice versa for the summer time), this HD power is magic. A few quick swipes after getting off the subway and you’re ready for the day.

Tech Support:  Wireless Battery Charger, headphones, and a good book. Something about being in the city just steals that battery juice. On top of that there’s no service on the subway (so keep your phone on airplane mode while you’re underground).  There’s nothing worse then being away from home or the office with a dead phone and charger. My mother bought me a cordless iPhone charger for Christmas and I never leave home without it. Also, headphones and a book are always good to have on hand in while in transit. I may or may not have read Divergent in two days. Oops.

Aveda Blue Oil:  A friend of mine introduced me to this stuff; it’s amazing. The city can be…how should I put it… stressful and stinky? When you’re stressed or just need a little break, take out that oil and dab it on your temples, the back of your neck, and if it’s really smelly- I dab a drop under my nose. Viola; it’s a calm in the storm.

Too Faced Lip Primer + NARS Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl: Now whether you live in the city or on a farm, I would say never leave home without these two items. I am a strong believer that every woman can rock a red lip. Too Faced’s lip primer is wonderful.  Be sure to put it on and let it set for 3-5 minutes before applying your lipstick.  What I love about NARS lip pencils is that they’re matte, last on your lips for hours (I can go at least 5-6 hours before reapplying), and it doesn’t bleed.

Basically ladies you simply have to be prepared at all times in the city.

SHOP RUE: 1. Sugar Lip Therapy // 2. Makeup Forever HD Powder // 3. Bandaids // 4. Headphones // 5. Bag // 6. Brush