The gorgeous Mediterranean boasts some of the world’s most popular travel destinations: Rome, Barcelona, and the Greek Islands. However, one of the region’s less visited countries, Portugal, is quickly emerging as one of 2013’s most coveted destinations. Portugal is known for its expansive seacoast, delicious cuisine and most importantly- its idyllic lifestyle. But, what attracts us most to this Southern European country is its historically inspired, vibrant interior design and architecture. The Vidago Palace is a perfect example of Portuguese design at its best; once an exclusive retreat for royalty at the turn of the century, the hotel has been restored to its original beauty. This spot is full of  incredibly intricate Portuguese tile and neo-classical details. The design, however, looks completely updated and fresh- cherry blossom wallpaper and modern sconces give the structure’s classic details a cool, contemporary look. We are obviously drawn to the bright blue walls, turquoise porcelain bathrooms and of course… all of the hotel’s luxurious perks: the thermal spa, Michelin star quality cuisine, and the backdrop of the lush Douro Valley. We’re ready to hop on a plane, but since it isn’t quite in the budget… we’ll survive by shopping these Vidago Palace inspired items.

Shop Rue: 1. Turkish Bath Towels // 2. Round Coffee Table // 3. Ice Bucket // 4. Arm Chair // 5. Wall Sconce // 6. Leather Tufted Headboard // 7. Blue Paint