Two words come to mind when describing the mega popular blog They All Hate Us– raw inspiration. From full street style outfits to detailed shots of rings and bracelets, all in one post, it’s hard to ignore Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson’s incredible eye for fashion. With a shared love for denim, designer heels and cutoffs, they took their passion public, juggling a full time job and full time blogging. Although They All Hate Us highlights Tash and Elle’s sartorial musings, what has made them a global sensation and a favorite in our eyes is their ability to mix sophisticated and casual pieces seamlessly. There aren’t many out there who could pair lace high-heel booties with a cotton striped shirt and ripped denim and own it.

When so much in fashion is contrived and taken too seriously, these two Australian fashion-icons take a laid-back approach. Tash, a mother of two, has about five minutes to get ready in the morning, and Elle has such a jam-packed schedule that she’s mastered the art of multi-tasking. It’s refreshing to see that they manage to maintain impeccable style in spite of the realities of being pulled in multiple directions. Part of it is knowing what works on you and which pieces make up your signature look. We caught up with them for a break down of their style point of view.

How would you describe your personal style?

TASH: Simple, stripes, and denim, with a touch of boho luxe. I love to include an amazing designer piece with every outfit.

ELLE: I like to think simple and chic. I love that model off-duty look. Denim cut offs, white shirt, black blazer, ankle boots and an amazing handbag.

Has it changed at all over the years?

TASH: Since I have had children I only have limited time each day to get ready – plus our work is so busy I cant dress up all the time as it’s not practical. I love denim, and always have – casual or dressed up it’s like second skin. I have added significantly to my designer favorites since being a poorly paid fashion assistant at the beginning of my career.

ELLE: Believe it or not it’s actually become a lot simpler, I know what I like and what works for me and I just stick with that

What is your go-to look or favorite piece?

TASH: Denim jeans, basic t-shirt, Chanel handbag and Valentino rock stud flats.

ELLE: Denim shirts without a doubt.

What tip could you share with us on achieving great style?

TASH: Check in the mirror before you leave the house, don’t over complicate your outfits – simple and classic is much better than shock value, and always invest in an amazing handbag – cost per wear is way worth it.

ELLE: Style is timeless, invest in great pieces that will never date and don’t underestimate a white shirt and a blue jean.

Favorite online hidden gem to shop from?

TASH: Matches Fashion has a great edit of designer pieces. I also love Anthropologie for its insane homewares and apparel that is different from the norm. I go to Free People for when I need a hit of boho.

ELLE: Babyanything… Always