Sometimes life surprises you and a couple of years abroad can quickly turn into 13 years. Whether it’s a year or half a decade, it’s always hard to leave your friends and surrogate town behind. For this family from Connecticut, their time spent in Europe left its mark, so when they finally returned home, they wanted to bring a little bit of their continental life back to the US. They decided to work with Dutch design firm UXUS to convert this hunting lodge into a family home that was both stylish and livable.

Mirroring the family’s true style, the home mixes both the beautiful 1930s colonial architectural features- they kept the sweeping staircase, the stone fireplace and large plank flooring- with their newly adopted European modern sensibility. Earthy elements such as reclaimed wood and stone are paired with shots of bright orange and deep purples. UXUS is known to create spaces that operate on several levels: design should always be functional, and an extra layer of art and decor serve as a way to give meaning and poetry to the home.

Although the bare bones of this house are truly American colonial, the design elements come directly from Europe- the sculptural basket and reclaimed tables are created by Piet Hein Eek and the gray streamlined sofas are designed by Hella Jongerius for Vitra. All in all we see a family that appreciates their heritage and history but also love the playfulness that comes with modern design. But what we love most about this space is the fact that although it is made up of very high design, it seems completely livable and family friendly. Nothing seems too breakable and the reclaimed elements will only look better with a little wear and tear. To us this seems like the perfect example of a space where evert single element brings quality to daily life.

We may not be able to hire UXUS for our next design project, but here are a few pieces to get the look:

Shop Rue: 1. Gray Tripod Floor Lamp // 2. Grecian Bust // 3. Reclaimed Wood Stool // 4. Wall Paint // 5. Steel Sideboard // 6. Orange Egg Chair // 7. Sculptural Basket