A high-heeled pump has been a wardrobe essential since the days of Coco Chanel. She made women’s wear simple, and created a better fit for the needs of modern day women. Known to make legs look longer and slimmer, pumps pair perfectly with anything from a pencil skirt to skinny jeans. No matter what your style, this shoe is certainly an important part of your weekly wardrobe.

Though its shape is seemingly straightforward, there are small nuances that can transform a pump from cheap to incredibly chic. Follow Rue’s guidelines and you’re sure to be the envy of all your style savvy friends.

* Look for a shoe that has a pointed or rounded pointed toe, avoiding to choose a shoe that is only round at the front. A slight point elongates the leg, which is the whole point of wearing high-heels in the first place.

* The distance between the heel and the sole of the shoe is crucial. Too wide of a space may make your feet look clunky instead of refined. The best pumps have a slight curvature to the back of the shoe before going into the stiletto.

* Look for soles that sit flat. This is a sign of well made shoes.

* Sometimes less is more: the most elegant pumps show a little toe cleavage.

* Kitten heels are hard to pull off, but so are walking in six-inch stilettos. The best heel height is between two and half and four inches.

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