There are few places in the world as iconic for mid-century design as Palm Springs. Located in the Coachella Valley, not far from LA, Palm Springs was the ultimate getaway, where modern quirky design met a dry desert landscape. From the beginning of its inception at the turn of the century, and the height of its importance in the 1950s, to the current reprisal of this historic location, it has always been about amusing contrasts: luxury in the middle of a dry landscape, bohemian and high-class resorters, crisp colors with an earthy backdrop.

The most iconic of the hotels in Palm Springs is by far the Parker. Designed by Jonathan Adler in 2005, Adler took the old Givenchy hotel, and turned it into a happy chic paradise. His goal was to design a hotel whose charm unfolded throughout your stay, with witty touches (his signature design p.o.v.) all over, whether it’s a needle point pillow with the word ‘drugs’ on it, or a knight’s suit and armor waiting for you at reception. He brought all of the exciting design facets of the ’50s, ’60s, and 70’s to life by creating different areas with different concepts throughout the hotel, including an earthy Moroccan hookah lounge, a colorful South East Asian canopied restaurant, and a ’70s Mick Jagger style restaurant that is pure rock and roll. True to Adler’s intentions, there’s so much to discover in one hotel. However, in spite of the different themes, each room has been given Jonathan Adler’s psychedelic, chic touch, fitting every piece in perfectly.

There’s so much to take in at the Parker Palm Springs – the bedrooms boast a stylish simplicity with hints of mid-century that are anything but predictable. You get a feeling that the design has been conceived around a person who has traveled – Moroccan tapestries with bamboo leopard print benches, and Edwardian armchairs – all feel at home in this white Palm Springs bedroom. What we love the most about Jonathan Adler’s design is the use of texture – bright punches of color, and high-gloss lacquer are met with painted brick walls and earth-toned fringed curtains – everything has its compliment. All in all the Parker is a Palm Springs paradise, with a treasure trove of design elements that make your stay that much more exciting.

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