This month, we have been focusing on the art of travel- from helping you find the right outfit for the airplane to showcasing this eclectically decorated boutique hotel in the town of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. We thought that we’d continue to share our wanderlust by highlighting one of our favorite travel classics- the Orient Express. Who could resist the glamour of this elegant train connecting Paris to Istanbul?

No other moment in travel history has been as enticing, exotic and luxurious as the Orient Express- established in 1883, it immediately attracted businessmen, diplomats and royalty for its unique route and attention to high quality service. It’s this unique mix of prominent individuals, personal compartments and the train’s stunning decor and route that makes for the perfect setting for great fiction. Although we have been avid fans of the many vintage movies based on the Orient Express (From Russia with Love and Murder on the Orient Express, to name a couple), what we love most is the seamless mix of two aesthetically rich cultures. There’s something incontestably alluring about 1930s Paris coming together with the exotic textiles and shapes of Ottoman design.

What the Orient Express proves is that globally inspired design should be subtle and have a focus on high quality materials and craftsmanship. On our next trip abroad, we’re going to skip the souvenir stands and hunt for fine silk pillows and copper bowls. Our search might take a little more effort but we’ll be appreciating the payoff everyday back in our homes.

To help you achieve the Orient Express’ elegant mix of east meets west, we’ve found seven items that will transform your home.

Shop Rue: 1. Glass Chandelier // 2. Gold Scalloped Pillow // 3. Scented Sachets // 4. Venetian Mirror // 5. Turkish Jug // 6. Throw // 7. Stationery Tray