“Overheard at the water cooler” is a phrase that has become decidedly dated. With hydration on the forefront of fitness goals and a million adorable water bottle options (we love this one!), no one really needs to mill around a giant water station anymore, tiny paper cups in hand. However, workplaces should still encourage employee interaction and downtime. Creating a common area to take a break, inspire big ideas, and just relax (even if only momentarily) is key.

We love how the team at Style Architects made their coffee station as inspiring as it is caffeinating. With rotating mood boards and a thoughtful quote, employees are encouraged to dream big and stay creative. And since it is a common area, they’re able to collaborate and share ideas. Of course, we’re guessing there is no shortage of discussion on the latest episodes of Scandal or The Bachelorette, either.

To create one in your office, whether you work in a larger company or are a freelancer at home, is quite easy. Gather your break time essentials and style them on a small tray table. Hang inspiration overhead- whether it be recent press clippings, art that inspires you, or a few custom mood boards à la Style Architects. Whatever the final result is, it should serve as a reminder that you’re allowed – and encouraged – to take breaks to recharge throughout the day.

Image originally appeared as part of “Studio Tour: Style Architects” in our February 2014 issue here