Beach destinations in Mexico have never been scarce: it seems like all of our friends are heading to Tulum (even our very own Associate Editor, Kelli Ryder), but if you were to ask the same jet-set crowd in the 1950s where they were headed to, they’d without a doubt say, “Acapulco!”. Just a half hour flight from Mexico City, Acapulco was the complete retro destination of the old Hollywood Crowd. Several decades have gone by and we’re looking at an updated version of its past in the Boca Chica Hotel.

With its green vintage chairs, clean lines, mid-century architecture, Frida Escobedo’s team revived Antonio Pelaez’s original masterpiece from the 1950s. There’s a sense of continuity that you often don’t find in vintage modern hotels – often the design direction is taken in a kitsch or obvious direction, instead of finding a fresh way of reinterpreting it. In the Boca Chica’s case, the original mosaics by Francisco Eppens (Diego Rivera’s student) and the geometric brise soleils fit right in with black and white flat weave rugs, and modern furniture. Some elements are borrowed from the past but essentially this hotel is for guests of today.

And speaking of hotel guests of today, the Boca Chica also boasts a delicious sushi restaurant, directed by chef Keisuke Harada. So if you are sad that Sushi Samba closed in New York and are craving Japanese Latin American fusion, look no further. Well ok, look a little further to book your trip, because Harada’s symphonic menu is made up of only local ingredients and catches of the day.

So now that we’ve shared with you one of our favorite retro modern hotels that also happens to be a culinary hotspot, make sure you send us your snaps from your water taxi ride into the hotel’s lobby. We’ll live vicariously through you and your Instagram account.

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