Many brand campaigns portray spring as this wonderful season when the sun shines most of the time, the occasional rain shower is something to celebrate with your cute new umbrella, and brightly colored flowers suddenly bloom everywhere. The reality is that spring is this awkward time slowly after winter and shortly before summer (there’s never much of a build-up), when it’s still uncomfortably cold outside, mostly gray, and rains at the most inconvenient moments. Sure you’d like to wear a brightly colored sundress, but you are just not mentally there yet.

As you transition away from a mostly black closet, it’s hard to imagine going straight to bright pinks, blues and yellows- you want a neutral that isn’t black that will still feel sophisticated. Let us present to you the magical hue that is stone. Stone/taupe/greige is an all-time favorite of those chicly dressed urban women whose style we’d love to match. It’s such a great tone that we think it should be worn head-to-toe, but if desired, could also be mixed with a bright pop of color.

Like its sartorial equals, black and white, stone can be feminine (all you need is a little bit of lace) or it can be minimalist (see Alexandra Pereira’s simple sheath dress in our inspiration photo).The key is to have the best skin and hair that you can achieve. Unlike some colors, stone looks fantastic on all skin tones but for that very reason it’s important to have it at its best condition. Moisturize, self-tan, add sheen… with a little bit of behind the scenes work, you’ll never get more compliments for your natural beauty. And if that wasn’t enough to convince you to become stone-obsessed, the more variations and textures of this hue you put together the more successful your outfit will be. No more wondering if your taupe blouse and greige jacket match!

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