There’s something about the right statement necklace that makes us feel that much more powerful and stylish. It can turn a simple outfit into a complete show stopper. So what is it about this small accessory that makes it have such a transformative quality?

Statement necklaces have been around since Ancient Egypt. The first known piece of its kind was the “Cleopatra’s necklace”- a string of intricately blown turquoise glass beads adorning the neck of a 25-year-old priestess. Even then, this accessory had mystical qualities. But the appeal of the statement necklace did not end there- throughout the Renaissance, the nobility would adorn their silk dresses with heavy set jewelry showing the expanses of their wealth and power. And finally, in the 1920s and 30s Coco Chanel revived this magnetic style of necklace with her Comète Collection, yet again bringing the statement necklace back into the forefront of fashion.

With centuries, even millennia of appeal, it’s no wonder that large, intricately designed necklaces have become a fashion classic on the runways and city sidewalks. Channelling the same powerful qualities that were coveted by the women before us, we believe that there’s nothing more essential to putting that personal touch on an outfit as adding a statement necklace. So before you decide to leave that one-of-a-kind piece at the register, you might want to think again about snagging one up- you never know when a simple outfit might need something to take it from lack-luster to sensational.

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