By no means a novice to the street style scene, Sienna Miller has graced the pages of many mags for her incredible modern boho style. Ever since we saw her with that perfect smokey eyed look in Alfie, we were hooked on her contemporized 1960s outfits. We also found ourselves wanting to try a pixie cut and liquid liner after seeing her in Factory Girl. Perhaps it’s her iconic blonde tresses or her charismatic smile, but every style she adopts seems to start trends, making her one of our favorite stylish actresses.

Sienna Miller is quintessential London- sophisticated, understated with a little hint of rock-and-roll, there’s no one who does it better (ok, perhaps Kate Moss might be a considerable rival). We’re obsessed with the label that she and her sister, Savannah, created called Twenty8Twelve London for its practicality per style ratio- every season we fall in love with the gorgeous wearable looks that blend bohemian, modern, and feminine together. For once it seems like this fashion icon’s style can serve as real inspiration for our own wardrobes, where you don’t have to have mile long legs to pull off the look.

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