Shopping for clothes can be such a frustrating ordeal. We’ve all been there- you’ve spent hours combing the aisles and finally find that perfect item. You reach for it, only to discover it’s sold out in your size! Or, you’re finding tons of items you love- but everything is totally outside of your budget. But when your favorite items are in your size AND on sale? That’s music to our ears- and why our newest shopping obsession is Shop it to Me Threads.

Shop it to Me Threads is like a personal online shopping assistant. When you sign up, you create a profile and begin following styles and brands you love as “Threads”. A thread might be a trend, a price-point, or even just a color you love. You’ll be alerted as soon as any online retailer puts one of your favorite items on sale in your size. No more finding the perfect pump at the perfect price- only to be let down when it is 2 sizes too small.

We created a Rue account and followed a few of our favorite brands and trends for spring. We selected Desk to Dinner (for nights when we don’t have time to change before Happy Hour), Florals, Emerald, and our beloved J.Crew… and Voila! Amazing sale finds all in our size and exactly what we’d been looking for. It only took a few minutes to sign up and we had a customized shopping experience right at our fingertips. Shop it to Me Threads has definitely changed our perspective on online shopping- and we can’t wait to utilize it for all of our big events this summer! What styles and trends will you be following on Shop it to Me Threads?