We adore Victoria Smith of the gorgeous design blog, sfgirlbybay, and often find ourselves gravitating towards her when in need of a major inspiration boost. Full of fresh ideas and a wealth of knowledge- she has become a total icon in the design world. Not only does Victoria know the best spots for design on the web, but she’s carved out a seriously awesome understanding of the best spots in San Francisco. Basically, nothing would make us happier than if Victoria was our permanent personal shopper. Needless to say, when we found out she’d converted her shopping secrets into iPhone form, we were thrilled! With her new app, you can get Victoria’s insider view into the City by the Bay- from unique flower shops to amazing home decor. Whether you’re just visiting or a longtime resident, you’ll be introduced to places you may not have found otherwise. Plus, each shop has a personalized review from Victoria herself- making it seem like she’s shopping right alongside you. We were so excited about this, we just had to get the insider scoop on Sfgirlbybay’s Guide to Bohemian Modern San Francisco from Victoria herself:

When did you get the idea to turn your extensive SF knowledge into app form?
I get asked a lot about what to do and where to shop from visitors to San Francisco from all over the world, so an App seemed like the logical next step. I kind of had it in the back of my mind as a new project to embark on, when I was approached by the very nice folks at Escape Apps to do that very thing. So it kind of just fell into place for me at that point.

We love all of the places you included! We’re curious- what standards did they have to meet to make the cut?
I tried to include places that would really resonate with the blog readers, since they were the ones reaching out to me for advice on where to shop in San Francisco. Most places I’ve selected to include have an eclectic, vintage or very design-heavy vibe. Anything I might write about (or have written about) on the blog were included. So, mostly affordable, fun and unique shops. No major brand names. All small businesses for the majority.

We love that! What was your favorite part about creating the app?
I am always the person people seem to ask for advice on where to go in San Francisco, even just friends, and I love sharing new, unique places to go. So I really liked being able to create something for under $2 that would give everyone the tips I love sharing — it was basically like handing people my blog in a brief synopsis for your phone.

And the biggest struggle?
I think the struggle for me was not including food! I love food and San Francisco has some of the best little unknown spots around. But I wanted to keep the focus on design and shopping, so I had to let something go. And Tablehopper, another great San Francisco blog has an App with Escape Apps, so it really is already covered.

What’s next for sfgirlbybay’s guide?
I have a bunch of updates for the guide to add – especially some East Bay locations I’ve recently heard about it. I will constantly be updating it with new shops and pop-ups – whatever I hear about that I think readers would like the inside scoop on, will be added to the App. It’s also a handy shopping guide for anyone interested in San Francisco shopping, since most places have online shopping available and all their website links are included in the App listing.

Now everyone has access to a little slice of SF. Thanks so much, Victoria! Be sure to click here to download the app… and enjoy!