To conclude our wedding month, we are delighted to share this tour of Sarah Seven‘s San Francisco showroom. Sarah Seven’s small independent label is sold through many boutiques as well as her flagship stores in Portland and San Francisco. All Sarah Seven dresses and accessories are made in-house. Just like her designs, the showroom is pure elegance. As Sarah says, “nothing is exaggerated, but nothing is simple.” Mirrored stairs lead down to an intimate showroom with black chalkboard walls, antique style lights, and a vintage sofa. The dresses lining the walls take center stage.

Sarah, thank you for showing us your studio! How did you get started designing wedding dresses?
I attended design school in Portland prior to starting the label. I think bridal came sort of naturally as I started making dresses. I love creating gowns that are romantic and beautiful without being overwhelming. Over the past few years a whole new niche has developed in bridal for girls who are looking for something easy and ethereal but still stylish and modern. I have always tried to cater to that bride with my dresses.

You’ve had some big changes lately. You moved your design studio from Portland to San Francisco to be near your second showroom, you’ve been increasing your wholesale business, and are constantly introducing new lines of dresses.
Every element of designing the line has been a blast. I am thrilled that I was able to transition to California so easily and with such quick growth now that we are here. I have had the opportunity to meet and connect with amazing industry peers and work with amazingly talented photographers, stylists, retailers and brides. I also have to say casually perusing a blog or magazine and finding a Sarah Seven is always exciting as well.

There is nothing better than seeing your hard work pay off! You design dresses for brides looking for something a little different. What trends and changes do you see in the wedding industry?
This wedding season I think you will see a lot of sweet details like illusion lace and beaded fabrics. As for the wedding world as a whole, I think its just fun to see how weddings are being individualized. Brides have gotten really creative with venues, themes and decor which is so fun to see and draw inspiration from!

We love the creativity and personalization, too. As the dress pro,what advice do you have a woman shopping for her wedding dress?
Shop early and have an open mind about style elements.

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us. We have to know- what’s coming up next for Sarah Seven?
The brand is continuing to grow and we are so excited to be available in several new stores across the country starting this season. I am also hoping to compliment the bridal line with an all new Ready to Wear line debuting this fall.