Here at Rue we often talk about the amazing tastemakers whose style we admire, sharing with you our biggest sources of inspiration and new trends we think are relevant. But rarely do we open up our own lives to show you what we are wearing. Well, in the spirit of spring, we thought that we’d give you a glimpse of one of my go-to outfits this season.

Stopping off in New York before I headed down to North Carolina for High Point Market, I was eager to wear some of my edgier outfits. In Rio de Janeiro (where I live), the style is fairly casual, and my daily uniform is a pair of jean shorts and a silk blouse. New York City was my home for five years, so I missed being able to walk around in coordinated fashion-forward clothing without feeling like I was completely out of place.

This outfit was the perfect thing to wear to a spring cocktail party or dinner with some friends. I love this white dress from Zara – it’s tight but is a little longer than most body-con dresses so it is still tasteful. I combined it with a pair of gladiator shoes from Coach that are my go-to heels for the spring and summer. They work well with white but also look amazing with hot pink or orange, giving your outfit an edgy yet earthy feel. Finally, I chose to pack my things in this stylish canvas bag from Lo & Sons*. I wanted to tone down the femininity of my dress with something that looked borrowed from my boyfriend.

To give you a bit more insight into what my personal style is, I’ve decided to go through some of the standard questions we ask our style tastemakers.

How would you describe your personal style?

My style is definitely minimal, casual with an undertone of sophistication. I used to live in Belgium and France so I really appreciate style that is elegant without trying too hard. For example, I have embraced the fact that in general, my hair doesn’t stay perfectly blow-dried, it has a wave to it. And I don’t mind a little wrinkle in my pants or shirt.

Has it changed at all over the years?

Living in major cities around the world has made me quite strict about wearing only neutrals. In fact, at work, my colleagues would always make jokes about how much I hated color. However, when I moved to Rio de Janeiro I found myself gravitating towards tropical tones (coral, lime green, yellow). It just didn’t seem right to wear black in 90 degree weather in a city that has a long stretch of beach. Now I keep to my clean lines, feminine with a hint of masculine style, but I am much more flexible about what sorts of patterns or colors I wear. The important thing is that the outfit should always be sophisticated with a little bit of an edge.

Do you have a go-to look?

I have two- for day time I love wearing medium waisted skinny jeans or denim shorts with a loose fitting silk blouse and a pair of gladiator sandals. I usually tuck the front part of my blouse into my pants to give the illusion of longer legs. For night time I love a body-con dress. I used to never wear dresses until I found one from Helmut Lang that I fell in love with. The reality is just that I didn’t like dresses because I never found the right fit for me. A tighter dress that is either long sleeved or sleeveless is what looks best.

What tip can you share with us on achieving great style?

Fit is so important. Don’t wear something just because you saw it on someone else and it looked great. If it doesn’t make you look 100% spectacular don’t wear it. Also, I would say that adding a a bit of edge to an outfit is always a great way to make sure you have style. This could be in the form of studs on a shirt collar, or a statement necklace.

Favorite online hidden gem to shop from?

I am generally looking for things that have a lot of style without breaking the bank, therefore  there are a few places I go to find designer pieces on sale- Revolve Clothing is a great resource as well as 6PM. I also think that Styloot is a great way to find the exact piece that you are looking for by using their incredible search tool, it saves me a lot time.

Here is what I am wearing:

Shop Rue: 1. White Dress // 2. Gladiator Heels // 3. Canvas Overnight Bag* // 4. Gold Bangle // 5. Black Sunglasses

* Rue readers get a 15% discount at Lo & Sons until the end of May. Enter the code RUEMAGSPRING.