If you have been an avid fashion follower for many years, you’ve probably noticed the divide between what looks good in a photo versus real life. Okay, anyone who has had a picture taken of themselves has probably learned that lesson the hard way. A good model often has a figure and a face for an ad, but in real life doesn’t have a personal style that is just as buzz-worthy.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley, however, looks incredible in every photo and has a sense of style. From her Burberry campaign to her Karen Millen & Victoria Secret campaigns- as a model, she kills it every time. As much as we love the haute couture that she wears on the job, we are even more obsessed with the outfits she wears off duty. Feminine, flirty, yet effortless, she can even make a baggy knit sweater look good. She knows that a good pair of jeans can make the best foundation for a five minute outfit, and that a high quality bag can make even the simplest look seem more expensive.

Perfect for spring, her wardrobe is made up of pastels, beiges, and whites. A typically masculine piece like a blazer can be given a feminine makeover if it is in a light shade like mint or blush. We also recommend taking a page from Rosie’s book by finding that perfect pair of denim – whether that means splurging on a $200 pair or opting for a $40 option from Zara, the important thing is that they flatter your derrière. Lastly, sometimes not everything has to be skin tight – a loose knit can be just as sexy.

The greatest lesson we’ve learned from Rosie is that one should never underestimate the power of a uniform. If you find an outfit that works for you, there is no shame in sticking to it for simplicity’s sake. Sometimes you need to get yourself out the door in 15 min, but by having a go-to outfit, you’ll be able to cut down time and still look good.

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