Just as we suggest taking risks in your wardrobe and your home, we believe that breaking your entertaining routine and trying a few bold pieces to set the table can make all the difference. Although we too are big fans of white dinnerware and rustic bowls that highlight the food that we prepare, every once in a while we want our table settings to take the forefront and become the showstoppers.

Entertaining is one of those rare occasions where you are in control of your guests’ whole experience, appealing to all of their senses. You can transport them to a faraway exotic place with a simple mix of jewel tones, unusual textures and patterns. It may even inspire you to try your hand at preparing one of your favorite exotic dishes (MyWayToCook is our go to site for delicious and easy globally inspired recipes). And if you are feeling particularly adventurous and would like to make the evening even more grand, switch out flowers for a centerpiece of ostrich feathers. You’ll have staged an evening fit for the Orient Express.

Here are a few of our go-to pieces for crafting an alluring table setting:

Shop Rue: 1. Emerald Glass Bowl // 2. Matte Ceramic Cups // 3. Geometric Patterned Plate // 4. Brass Bottle Opener // 5. Woven Basket // 6. Moroccan Glasses // 7. Ceramic and Wood Casserole // 8. Faux Bone Serving Set