It was while shopping at a Bazaar in Mumbi on vacation when former corporate lawyer, Rena Thiagarajan first had the idea to set up a website to catalog her far-fetched finds. Mesmerized by the one-of-a-kind treasures she marveled over at the markets, Rena was determined to bring home her carefully selected gems and share them with the world. Fast forward to today, Project Bly, the unique new e-commerce site where travel and design take off in perfect harmony, is the manifestation of that lofty dream.

Chances are if you like design, you list travel as a top source of inspiration – and for good reason, too. One can hardly escape the spark of creativity that flows when we’re immersed in the sights, sounds, and surprises of far-flung locales. Cloaked with this belief, Rena has created a shopping experience that allows visitors to take a digital jaunt around the world from the comfort of their own home. Even cooler, each collection of product is accompanied with gorgeous photography of the very streets the items were purchased on, truly bringing the online shopping experience full circle. 

Every two months Rena and her team shop a different Bazaar in person so you don’t have it. From Bombay to Bukhara, Morocco to Marrakech, we love that the collections of products are divided up by the cities they came from. Just back from Kumasi, Ghana – Rue’s got the first look at their latest one-of-a-kind finds. Track their future itineraries here and get ready to set sail on a shopping expedition around the world!