No one knows how to do casual quite like us Americans. From Levi’s and Michael Kors, to the cool surfer lifestyle, our relaxed sensibility is admired and copied all over the world. Without centuries of history dictating the norms, we’re free to make our own rules, create an aesthetic from scratch. Sometimes this gets out of hand (i.e. fried candy bars and straight cut jeans with running shoes), but sometimes it’s done with just the right amount of flair. One of our most recent finds of casual design at its best is the Postcard Inn on the Beach in St. Petersburg, FL.

Initially drawn to its retro surfer vibe, this St. Pete’s hotel has us transported back to the days of the Beach Boys and pastel convertibles with surfboards sticking out. Mid century lamps and vintage license plates ground the modern concrete floors and bright textiles. A giant chalkboard wall describing the morning’s ocean conditions sets the perfect tone for a fun day at the beach, whether that means trying your hand at surfing or hanging out in a bikini at the shore. Some of the most creative takeaways of the Postcard Inn is the unusual artwork that gives it character- we love the gallery wall of collected bohemian photographs, or the series of painted skateboards in the lounge.

We didn’t initially have St. Petersburg, Florida on our radar as a place we wanted to visit, but now we’re craving an escape to the Postcard Inn, sitting on the deck with a cold beer with lime in hand. And, of course, we’d get a little bit of culture in by visiting the Dali Museum.

Snag this beach hotel’s retro vibe with our selection of colorful decor:

Shop Rue: 1. Napkin // 2. Pendant  // 3. Plates // 4. Vase // 5. Skateboard // 6. Chair // 7. Glasses

UPDATE: The Postcard Inn was designed by the team at SLDesign.