Tomorrow is the beginning of New York Fashion Week (the first of the big four), which means a whole new slew of delicious new collections to devour, not to mention we will also be kicking our street style up a notch. With fashion on our minds, our wanderlust is taking us to a an all-suites property in Florence owned by the Ferragamo family. Yes, they brought us those gorgeous patent leather ballerina flats that Audrey Hepburn loved, those crisp men’s belts that made any suit look that much sexier, and now they are taking their branding genius to the hotel Portrait Firenze.

Like the sharp tweed look of Cary Grant, Portrait Firenze takes us back to the glamour of the ’50s. Soft gray felt, luxurious velvet, and alluring brass accents, designer Michele Bonan works his genius yet again by taking classically elegant materials into the modern world. Sure the architecture has a traditional layer to it rooted in moldings and and beams across the ceiling, but the color palette and furniture lines are completely in tune with 2014’s top design trends. Looks like Danish design has even reached Italy. With the majority of high fashion brands’ hotel collaborations falling short of expectations, it’s a relief to see that Ferragamo’s undeniable chicness translates well into interiors.

The Portrait Firenze is definitely a hotel for the fashion obsessed – it is just minutes away from Salvatore Ferragamo’s original workshop where his original sketches are kept. But who needs to venture outside of the hotel when you can enjoy stunning views of the Ponte Vecchio from your unique suite. Or if you feel like exploring the rest of the hotel’s gorgeous design, why not sip a cappuccino at Caffe Dell’Oro with its stunning marble fireplace.

With the Uffizi gallery, the Duomo, and the Piazza Signoria waiting for you, the Portrait Firenze just adds to all of the architectural richness that you can experience in this magical city.

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