Once July 4th weekend hits, we know that summer is in full swing. And just as it’s setting in that the warmer months are here, we are already feeling the nostalgia of it coming to a quick end. All of those moments we were dreaming about when temperatures were low, we try to fit into our already busy schedules, whether it’s the smell of sunscreen and sand, the cool feel of a light cotton top flowing in the breeze, or the taste of a peach creamsicle.

This last image is something that for us has been a summer must since we were young and now we’ve found another way to be inspired by this delicious dessert. The color peach – a half pink, half orange, pastel medley – is a modern cheerful color that is a great tone to use in interior decorating. Anywhere you lie on the spectrum, from diehard traditionalist to a modern appreciator, peach can be just the right accent color to make a washed out space look vibrant.

We love a hint of peach in a watercolor washed bowl, or a silk screened pillow. Rebecca Atwood has a gorgeous collection of peach printed pillows that we have been lusting over for a while now. Photography with peach tones always looks cool when treated with a crisp white gallery frame. And if you are looking for another accent color to pair with peach, we love a small dose of vibrant lemon yellow (just like in our inspiration photo). So whatever your budget, small or large, we recommend heading to your local convenience store and picking up some peach blooms, to give this trendy color a try.

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