If Nancy Meyers movies and local coastal magazines are any indication, beach homes should be traditional, with a piece of coral on a stack of books and a blue and white color palette. Or there’s the complete opposite side of the spectrum- beautiful modern spaces, sparse furniture plans, and an aesthetic that doesn’t necessarily accommodate the realities of beach life (a sandy wet bathing suit on that Italian white sofa? No way!). So for those of us who lie somewhere in the middle and would like an updated look on the classic coastal look, but still want to incorporate the clean lines of a modern home, we’ve done the designing for you.

It’s all about using the traditional materials that you would find in a beach home – cotton, bleached wood, linen, rattan – and incorporating them into pieces that have a modern aesthetic. We recommend starting with a white palette – white slipcovered sofa and walls – and then layer in the textures and tones with accessories. Ombre, for example, is a cool look for your pillows and throws. You could even say that it kind of looks like a seaside sunset, so that’s about as literally “beach inspired” as you should go. Instead of the traditional navy or bright blue, opt for a gray that has a slight bluish tint to it – you’ll get the calmness of a cool tone but with all of the modern sophistication of a neutral. To help you complete your stylish new beach space, here are a few of our favorite updated finds:

Shop Rue: 1. Bookshelf // 2. Pillow // 3. Blanket // 4. Lantern // 5. Glasses // 6. Rug // 7. Chair