For many of us, it seems that we’re constantly fighting the same decor battle- a lack of space & storage! We’re always on the hunt for stylish solutions, and are smitten when we stumble upon a product that solves all of our woes in one fell swoop.

The Sofa Convertibles from Sauder Furniture are beautiful, but pack a punch where it counts. We have our hearts set on the Carver. To the untrained eye, it’s a sleek sofa upholstered in a classic dark gray hue. But to those in the know, it quickly clicks down to a comfortable sleeper sofa. And hidden in the base? Built-in storage! At $469, it’s almost too good to be true. Yet somehow… it’s real and at the top of our wish list.

The Carver would be perfect for those residing in a studio, folks looking to add a small sofa in their office and who don’t have the space for a proper guest room, or design-lovers who just need to maximize space in their smaller-than-small apartment. The storage unit can house your extra bedding, books, and whatever else you’d like hidden out of sight. The options are endless!