For those of us who love fashion, the internet has been completely revolutionary. Our style envy is no longer confined to the streets our local neighborhood or even tv, now we can peer into the lives of fashionable women all around the world to see what they are wearing. One of our favorite sartorial guilty pleasures is the blog Let’s Have a Margarita. If you aren’t familiar with it yet, Margarita Myl is a half Greek, half Argentinian stylist/blogger who can make even the simplest item, such as a plain white tee, look perfectly styled. Her relaxed looks are daily inspiration to us at Rue and are a great reminder that fashion shouldn’t be taken too seriously and should always make you feel comfortable in your own skin. Even if we believe in that message, we are also eager to find out how she works her stylist magic on simple items. It looks effortless but it definitely takes a lot of talent.

We caught up with Margarita to find out a little more about the magic behind the outfits.

How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style is quite minimal…sporty minimal I would say, not too polished and fancy! Black is on my priority list!

Has it changed at all over the years?
Well, I’ve become more selective with colors….I keep catching myself shopping in a specific range of colors like grey-white-black but lately I have an obsession with blue… I guess we’ll see where it goes!

What is your go-to look?
Definitely a great white tee, a pair of jeans and sneakers….

What tip could you share with us on achieving great style?
If you know who you are then you know your style and what to wear in order to look good! Everything is not for everyone , you have to feel good in what you wear, not just wear it because you liked it on someone else. However, I’ve learned that sometimes buying clothes in a bigger size is the best trick… at least for me!

Favorite online hidden gem to shop from?
DOGFUNK is a little gem for bikinis and sports stuff!

We love this look that Margarita put together. Here’s how to snag her style!

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