What if shopping for new home decor was more like flipping through a magazine or browsing your favorite website. Thanks to MACK, a new interactive website from interior designer Tamara Mack, now it is. Just launched today, Tamara took time from her busy schedule to share what makes MACK unique.

What inspired your love of design?
My childhood. My mom loved design, fashion and all things inspired. She exposed me at a young age and I was smitten. There were also other people in my life who helped guide my taste along the way. For example, one of my friend’s mom’s was an interior designer and I always loved being in her beautiful home.

How did your work with clients turn into the idea for MACK?
In working with various clients, the idea that it would take 12, 16, 20 weeks or even longer to get it done didn’t sit well. They craved fast design without losing the high standards and style. MACK delivers gorgeous inspired design without the long wait times. We have also eliminated the clutter and refined the list so people don’t need to wade through the webosphere for great pieces.

Explain for our readers how the site works.
The point of entry is the room that we are featuring. We are constantly adding new ones. That’s part of the fun. From there you can shop by category, by color, by product or by style. We also have sample sale items available. They’re still in good shape but were used in photo shoots.

What the process for arranging each room? Each is so unique, how do you pull it all together?
Our clients’ homes truly direct our rooms. We start with the property that we’re designing and work off of what is there to create what you see on MACK. We take into account seasonality, hot colors and of course our overall sense of style and emphasis on high-quality, timeless design. When we’re pulling together our rooms for MACK, we shop our inventory. I go to all the shows and I am constantly on the lookout for terrific pieces. When I find them, I buy them knowing that they will find a place in one of our rooms.

Will you still be working with individual clients?
We will be working with individual clients but in a more limited capacity. Many of our clients’ homes and the rooms that we design for them serve as the inspiration and starting point for MACK.

Launching your own e-enterprise is a big step, but you’ve been running your interior design business for a long time. What’s the best business advice you’ve received?
You may have heard this one before, but the best advice I have been given was to hire great people. Put your emphasis on finding them, engaging them and getting them excited about what they do every day. I count myself lucky to have an amazing team.