Jeanine Donofrio is the creative mastermind (and talented cook!) behind the hit food blog, Love And Lemons. This Austin, TX gal is a whiz in the kitchen with a penchant for adding a little spritz of lemon to everything… hence the adorable name Love and Lemons.

Most Likely To Photograph:
Meals that are mouthwatering (yet magically healthy), a super cute pair of pups, and one of the most beautiful kitchens we’ve seen.

Why We Love Her:
We’ve always been fans of Jeanine and her blog, but recently recreated her creamy sundried tomato soup and are officially hooked. And in addition to delicious recipes, her photos are beautifully composed. Whether it is a bowl of soba or a mini carrot bundt cake, when Jeanine shows up in our Instagram feed- we always find ourselves feeling famished. Follow Jeanine for a heavy dose of culinary inspiration, though be warned: you’ll find yourself wanting to spend a lot more time in the kitchen!