We all know that the Parisians have a gift for high fashion. As much as we love New York fashion week, there’s something timeless and over-the-top about the shows in Paris. However, we’re beginning to see in Parisians an unparalleled talent beyond haute-couture. When it comes to design, no one knows how to mix traditional, modern and contemporary quite like them. La Réserve Paris, designed by Rémi Tessier, is yet another example that supports this theory. A mix between a hotel and private residences, this incredible project contains ten apartments, each one better designed than the last. Clean-lined plush sofas and floor-to-ceiling drapes give warmth to the white walls. Our favorite take-away from La Réserve is the color palette- various earth tones, such as stone and slate are seamlessly mixed together to give visual variation to a clean design.

We couldn’t end this article without mentioning all of the luxury amenities that la Réserve has to offer (a little dreaming never hurt anyone). Like one of those cheesy European princess movies, your every need will be attended to, leaving you to focus on the pleasures of staying in Paris (if it were us we’d be heading to the Bon Marché). From providing a personal chef to cater your private dinners to an assistant to run your errands, there really isn’t anything that can’t be handled. If it were within our budget to enjoy a few days at la Réserve we probably wouldn’t be able to decide what we liked better, the design or the extraordinary à-la-carte service. For now we’ll just enjoy the photos and share a few high style items to get the look.

Shop Rue: 1. Throw Pillow // 2. Framed Print // 3. Silk Orchid // 4. Boxes // 5. Hurricane // 6. Buffet // 7. Dining Chair