When Isabella, a fashion-forward beauty with a penchant for great photography, arrived in Boston – she had only a suitcase and the keys to her new condo. The space was the very definition of bare – think bright hardwood floors, white walls, and no lighting. Luckily, it had beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows and a high-end kitchen. And Isabella? She had the information for Homepolish.

We’ve professed our love for Homepolish before, but really – we can’t get enough. Offering interior design services for any project (all sizes and budgets!), it’s the modern way to get a talented designer in your front door. Isabella needed a place that she could call home, and was quickly matched with Homepolish designer Steven Santosuosso. Steven got right to work bringing in beautiful furnishings, plenty of lamps, and artwork that would reflect her cool-girl style. In the living room, sleek consoles meet rustic charm, while layers of texture are expertly mixed. The walls are adorned with edgy photographs and, if we’re being honest, the bedroom offers one of the coolest gallery walls we’ve seen yet.

This condo is a great example of fashion and interiors colliding, and we had to know more. Who better than the talented designer himself? Read on to find out how Steven turned the condo into a chic sanctuary in 3 months flat. Plus, score his top tips for upping your art game:

Thank you so much for chatting with us, Steven. What a gorgeous home! We’d love to know a little bit more about the space.
This is a 1 bedroom in a luxury condo building in downtown Boston. It’s about 800 square feet and the timeline for the fit out was approximately 3 months. Some considerations in regards to the space is that no ceiling fixtures were allowed and there was no existing recessed lighting, so lots of lamps were necessary!

Isabella knew Homepolish would help her dream space come to life. Did she have any requirements when beginning the project?
Isabella literally showed up with a suitcase, so EVERYTHING you see here was sourced for the project!

And what condition was the condo in when you got started? 
One very empty pristine vanilla shell!

Ha! Sometimes, that can actually be the toughest place to start. Where did you gain inspiration?
Isabella has a background in fashion, so I knew that textures would be important. Add to that her origins along the coastline and you get sand, teals, corals. Mirrored finishes also seemed like a great choice due to the small space and the fashion aspect.

What was your top goal during the design process?
To ensure she felt like she was home. Moving to a new city and getting all new furniture is a little intimidating, so my priority was to transform Isabella’s space into a place.

You definitely succeeded on that front. Did you face any challenges?
The only challenge was actually coordinating deliveries. As this is a luxury building, there’s a high level of security – all deliveries had to be coordinated through building management. Fortunately, everyone there was extremely nice and so easy to work with!

Do you have any favorite features?
I love the custom nightstand – that marriage of natural and machined elements to create something that feels effortless.

The artwork in this space is incredible. Did Isabella pick it out beforehand, or did you work together to choose pieces along the way?
Thank you! With the exception of the large print above the living room cabinet, all of the art was sourced by myself.

So impressive! We’d love to end with your art tips. What would you suggest for our readers who are looking to grow their own collection?
1. Get what you like, not necessarily what’s trendy. (Those Banksy pieces look great on Pinterest, but might be a little much for the living room.)
2. There are some great online resources for art that are off the beaten path. Artiscle is an art rental service while Artlifting empowers less fortunate and disabled artists. Both make for great stories, which can sometimes be half the fun!
3. Sometimes a little inspiration goes a long way – grab a friend to do a little Q&A about your tastes. You’d be surprised at how much information these types of exercises can evoke!

Shop the Story: LIVING ROOM: Rug // Sofa // Mirror (Above Sofa) // Iron-wrought Chair // White Leather Chair // Standing Lamp // Coffee Table // Console (Near Window) // Media Console // Side Table (Near Window) // Pillows: Sheepskin, Shimmered, Waves // Colored Pencil Holder // Vase // Lamp // Sofa Side Table // Bowls // Au Revoir Sign // DINING ROOM: Chairs // Plates // Bowl // Love Seat // BEDROOM: Side Table // Bed // Lamp // Throw Blanket // Moroccan Ottoman // Clothing Rack // ADDITIONAL: Floor Plant // Special Thanks to Madilyn Rankin for the Custom Nightstand // Jason A Frank Photography for the crazy “Buy Me Brunch” photo (Private photo shoot for this one!)

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