In April 2010, artist Sivan Askayo took a random photograph while traveling through Jaffa. That image would soon become the muse for an entire series, one in which the lives of people all over the world would be documented through their laundry. While laundry may seem like an unexpected subject, Sivan’s discerning eye was able to capture culture, personality, and vulnerability through the somewhat voyeuristic series. Titled “Intimacy Under the Wires,” the photographs soon became a worldwide sensation. Each photograph is vastly different than the last, yet they’re all connected as one… which is what makes the series so impactful.

At long last, Sivan is offering limited edition prints of the series with Artfully Walls. Artfully Walls is one of our favorite online art resources, as they showcase available prints on beautifully styled gallery walls (as pictured in our slideshow). For many of us, choosing art is a huge investment- and it can be stressful to know if you’re choosing the right piece. With Artfully Walls, you’re able to see what would look best with your aesthetic and furnishings.

While browsing Sivan’s collection, we had trouble choosing a favorite. Each image is paired with her artist’s statement, so as a shopper- you get the true meaning of the artwork you’re buying. We love the color spotted in London, the breeze captured in Barcelona, and the statements in Jaffa. We’re thinking our walls will look best with all three!

For more information on Sivan Askayo’s “Intimacy Under the Wires,” click here.