When a hotel’s manifest says that their establishment boasts majestic views, that generally means that there isn’t another ugly building right in front of it. But in the Hotel Endemico‘s case, their ‘majestic views’ are actually breathtaking. Located in Valle de Guadalupe on Mexico’s border just a couple hours away from San Diego, this eco-friendly winery/hotel, is one of the most cutting edge establishments out there. Twenty luxury modern cabins are scattered along the hills of the valley, each with their private deck and fireplace where you can watch the sunset while sipping a full bodied glass of red.

Where most luxury hotels have numerous amenities and services to keep you entertained, the Hotel Endemico has planned their guests’ experiences around the incredible landscape that surrounds it. The jacuzzi, pool and bar all have an open and spacious plan where the single most important design element is the surrounding views. In all honesty, we wouldn’t consider ourselves outdoorsy people but this is an experience with nature that we’d love to sign up for.

What really made this hotel a favorite is its elegant minimalism. From the low platform bed to the industrial wall sconces and angular wooden chairs, this is the epitome of great design- simple but packed with lots of personality and style. We love that even something as practical as the room’s horizontal blinds have been converted into an impactful design feature with their contrasting black color. Even the cabins themselves are covered with Corten steel that oxidizes with time to help them blend into the surroundings. It just goes to show that eco-friendly design is something that is really taking over the design world, and rivals the top designed spaces. We believe that the best spaces are not just beautiful but also thoughtful.

Endemico’s look can be easily recreated, here are some crucial pieces to steal the look.

Shop Rue: 1. Fan // 2. Basket // 3. Stool // 4. Bed // 5. Wall Sconce