Brussels is a city that often flies under the radar when it comes to travel. Known for its delicious chocolates and crispy french fries, as well as being an important point in many historical European events, it has its draws, but when it comes to design, few think of Brussels as an exciting location. That’s where the Hotel des Galeries seeks to change your mind – in a country that is part French speaking and part Flemish (very similar to Dutch) it is influenced by its stylish neighbors, France and Holland. The Hotel des Galeries has the sophistication of 19th century French architecture – oversized windows, parquet flooring and high ceilings- but also refers to the modern quirkiness of Dutch design.

The hotel is located the Galeries Royales de Saint-Hubert (yes, it’s a mouthful!), an arcade built in 1847 filled with charming boutiques. Although it has a significant historical location, its design, conceived by the architectural duo Fleur Delesalle and Camille Flammarion, is anything but traditional. With pieces from Scandinavian brands Hay and Ferm Living, the Hotel des Galeries is like your very own Maison & Objet. It also flaunts a few pieces of stunning Belgian craftsmanship such as the bathroom ceramic tile and antiques from the Sablon district.

But beyond these high-brow design references, the Hotel des Galeries does one thing right: color with sophistication. The color palette is cheerful yet artfully put-together. Mint closets are given a bright yellow shelf as an unexpected accent. Red velvet curtains are toned down with soft modern white lighting from Gubi. All in all, it’s a shining example of modern design that has an uplifting and cheerful side (something that many believe incompatible).

With this hotel as our inspiration, we’ve found a few pieces that have color, clean lines and unexpected materials for a seriously stylish result.

Shop Rue: 1. Mirror // 2. Trays // 3. Chair // 4. Basket // 5. Table // 6. Lamp