We all know the saying “life is full of surprises.”  Well at Rue, we believe there is always room for more! We love surprises – from delightful little gestures to the grand ones that make you weak in the knees.  That’s why when we heard about the new website, Golden Tote, we were clamoring to learn more.  Golden Tote is the brainchild of Sarah Becker and Sarah Sweeney, the duo behind popular clothing line Puella. You might recognize Puella’s chic style (as we did) if you frequent Anthropologie.  We eagerly logged onto Golden Tote to see for ourselves.

Here’s how it works:
STEP 1: Go to goldentote.com.
STEP 2: Choose a tote! There are two to chose from: $49 with 2-3 items and a value up to $200, OR $149 which includes 6-7 items and a value up to $600.
STEP 3: Select 1-2 items that you’d for sure like in your tote.
STEP 4: Fill out a short style profile to introduce yourself to the gals. Include your size, your style preferences, and a few of your favorite stores. Lastly, tell Golden Tote what you’re not loving in regards to colors and trends. (As our tans fade, we’re personally avoiding anything “oatmeal.”)
STEP 5: Click “Check Out!”
STEP 6: Here’s where things get fun. The Sarahs at Golden Tote work quickly to fill your order and select surprise items that fit your style specifications – all housed in a super cute Golden Tote, of course!
STEP 7: Wait anxiously for the box to arrive- ours took only 3 days!

When the box arrived, curiosity kicked in and we dashed to see what treasures were hiding inside.  Lifting the adorable Golden Tote from the box, it was easy to envision donning our Golden Tote about town; a perfectly sized carry-all for the gym, accessories for Rue photo shoots, or just groceries- and that was just the wrapping.  Once we peeked inside, it was overflowing with fabulous items.  We pulled out our selections of the Herringbone Shell Dress and Snake Skin Print Blouse, impressed by the quality of our selections.  If that had been the only contents we would have been perfectly happy, but we extracted one stylish item after another: an Aztec sweater, a  lace sweatshirt, an  ivory embroidered tee and a black drop-waist black Puella dress (already a weekly staple for fall) all for just $149. Our tote housed a $418 retail value! Log on to Golden Tote and place your order today. Be warned though- you’ll likely end up totally addicted like us.

All items shown are available through to GoldenTote.com! Like we said… that dress is a total fall essential!