The long months of winter bring a lot of stress. The hustle & bustle of the holiday season keeps exhaustion close by long after Valentine’s Day, and the dry, harsh air can wreak havoc on our bodies. Dehydrated, flaky skin paired with static-filled hair? Total nightmare! We believe that everyone deserves a little pampering to get them through the next few weeks, and a Girls’ Night In with Harmonia Botanica is just what the doctor ordered!

Harmonia Botanica is a natural (yet effective!!) and ethical skin care line that has totally stolen our hearts. All of their products are powered by nature- meaning made with rare emollients, potent plants, herbal and fruit extracts, and precious flower waters. The result is glowing skin… perhaps better suited for lounging your way through the Mexican Riviera?

We say, call your best girlfriends (or if you prefer, put on that Katy Perry album and take some “me-time”) and treat yourself to an at-home facial and beauty treatment. Start with the Creamy Soufflé Cleanser, a foaming face wash made with orange water, and immediately follow with the Botanical Chamomile Flower Toner. Your skin will be soft, balanced, and perfectly prepped for the Phyto-Cleansing Clay Mask.  This unique mask will dissolve impurities but keep skin feeling hydrated. It includes oatmeal, which is perfect for those of us who’ve been battling the Polar Vortex with all we’ve got. Finish with the Essential Beauty Elixir to immediately boost radiance. You’ll look as though you’ve just finished an expensive treatment at the spa!

Since our faces aren’t the only victims winter weather claims, we also think a little Lustrous Locks Leave-In Hair Oil, Shea Butter Hand and Foot Balm, and Baume de Rose  Lip Balm will make the evening of indulgence complete. These are great essentials to add to your daily routine, and will make a huge difference in your skin come summertime. Now, if only we could find the perfect pair of shorts to show off our picture-perfect skin!

Shop Rue: 1.  Phyto-Cleansing Clay Mask // 2. Lustrous Locks Leave-In Hair Oil // 3. Baume de Rose  Lip Balm// 4. Creamy Soufflé Cleanser // 5. Botanical Chamomile Flower Toner // 6. Shea Butter Hand and Foot Balm // 7. Essential Beauty Elixir