There’s something special about certain summer movies that immediately take you back to the moment you first saw them. Whether it’s the costumes, the characters, the story, or the setting, our top three summer films have the perfect mix of all four elements. So we thought that to celebrate that last few weeks of summer (I know, it went by so quickly for us too!), we’d put together a look from each flick. For us, the clothes make up a big part of why we love to watch them over and over again.

Even though 500 Days of Summer is a bittersweet love story, we couldn’t get enough of Zoey Deschanel’s wardrobe. From her super stylish office attire made up of sleeveless blouses and high waisted pants, to the light turquoise halter dress that she wore in that unforgettable party scene, we love her modern retro style. In fact, after watching the movie we even tried wearing a-line skirts and cardigans, only to realize that what makes Zoey’s look so perfect is her 60’s hair. So if you’re rocking the look, don’t forget to pay attention to your tresses, too!

When it comes to Dirty Dancing, we’ve lost count of how many times we’ve watched this iconic movie. From the sultry dancing to the dramatic romantic scenes, there’s just too much not to love. Although the story is set in the 50’s, we can’t get enough of the 80’s vibe that saturates every scene. Jennifer Grey’s perm, white Keds and high-waisted jean shorts make us feel more nostalgic about the year in which the movie was made than the era the story takes place in. Her style is understated but always a little sexy, and that salmon dress she wore at the performance is the perfect summer party dress. We suggest tying a white shirt at the waist and wearing your favorite jean cutoffs to get a Dirty Dancing inspired look.

Finally, one of our favorite summer movie imports is La Piscine, the classic French flick staring Alain Delon, Romy Schneider and Jane Birkin. We fell in love with the sun burnt French Riviera setting and the lazy August chats around the pool. But we also couldn’t ignore the elegant 60’s Mediterranean looks that Romy Schneider flaunts in every scene. Just like her, this summer we’re opting for kohl lined eyes and tanned skin as the perfect compliment to a little white dress. Hopefully our vacations won’t be filled with as many romantic trysts as this classic movie, though.

Which ever movie you are most drawn to, they serve as good inspiration for great summer style. Hurry and snag up a few of these items – there are only a few more weeks left to enjoy them!

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