We believe that the Fourth of July is an underrated holiday. It has so much potential- balmy summer weather, that unique smell of a charcoal grill, ice cold beer and wine, and a spectacular fireworks show to top it off. Most importantly, it’s a holiday that possesses a unique carefree feeling. You’ll rarely hear about awkward family Fourth of Julys (Thanksgiving on the other hand…). So, we’ve decided that because this holiday has a maximized potential for fun and because we love to entertain, the Fourth of July is Rue‘s favorite holiday. There’s really nothing missing- good company, fresh food, an assortment of drinks that will satisfy any sort of craving you might have, and home-made desserts that take you right back to childhood.

In honor of our favorite holiday, we’ve rounded up a few Fourth of July essentials. We’ve also taken into consideration that not all of us will be attending an open air barbecue in the local neighborhood with family and friends. Some of us might be stuck in the city, having to make do with a different type of setting- whether at an apartment, on a rooftoop, or at a local park. We believe that these 7 items will transform any type of celebration, keeping it sophisticated while also indulging in a little bit of classic traditional Fourth of July flare. But the most important that that you can bring is high spirits- so hit play on your Journey playlist, crack open a cold beer, and gather your closest friends and loved ones, this is a celebration not to miss!

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