Forget the big vacations, roaring parties, and Instagram worthy photo-ops, we believe that summer is really about the small moments – the sound of evening crickets, or the smell of freshly cut grass. These elements are enough to transport you to the early days when the highlights of your summer were sprinklers and popsicles. The truth is that you can find enjoyment even if you’re stuck at work for almost all of August. It’s just about taking a break and enjoying your surroundings.

In homage to our back yards, local parks and general greenery, all of which save us from being swallowed up by the concrete jungles of our cities, our color of the month is fig leaf – a faded dark green that immediately conjures up fragrant notes of this magnificent tree in our minds. This tone is seriously cool – it can work in both the daintiest and masculine of spaces (and everything in between!), as well as the fact that it’s almost a non-color. For those who are earth-toned obsessed, fig leaf is one that won’t set your space off-kilter (you can preserve that zen feel).

Consider this color for your next home update, it will work year round, especially for the upcoming fall season, as well as make your metallic pieces shine brighter.

Shop Rue: 1. Jug // 2. Bench // 3. Candle // 4. Kitchen Towels // 5. Tub // 6. Mug // 7. Fig Branch // 8. Chair