A true American classic, equestrian design is both reminiscent of an earlier elegant time as well as the warmth of the countryside. We headed to Vermont to visit Daphne Markcrow’s gorgeous hayloft. As you can see in our inspiration photo, Daphne opted for a modern version of equestrian design- equine photography, a sawhorse bench and a plaid duvet are all great examples of this style. This hayloft serves as a guest house but also as a studio for her company Oughton Limited. Smitten with her line of handbags and accessories (check out this insanely beautiful calf-hair wallet featured in our gift-guide), we thought we’d showcase a few of our other favorite equestrian style design pieces. Whether you want to include a saddle leather chair, or are obsessed with equine photography, a little hint of equestrian can elevate any home’s look.

Shop Rue: 1. Wine Rack // 2. Pillows // 3. Leather Pouch // 4. Doorstop // 5. Box // 6. Coffee Table // 7. Picture Frame