We can tell you from first hand experience that there’s nothing more enjoyable and relaxing than spending a few days in the wine regions across the globe. From the fresh air, to the mellow sun and of course incredible wine and food, it’s the perfect setting for indulgence and unwinding. You might have already visited Napa Valley or have been planning to stop by Bordeaux on your next trip to France, but today we’re casting the spotlight on a hotel in lesser known wine region Mendoza, Argentina. At the foot of the Andes Mountains, this location has breathtaking views, award winning wines, and delicious Argentinian steaks. We’re already looking at our calendars and ready to book a trip!

The winery hotel, Entre Cielos, is an international collaboration- created by Swiss wine enthusiasts, they brought three important components of European luxury hospitality to Mendoza. First and foremost, they wanted to provide their guests with a well designed, comfortable hotel with high quality amenities. From the concrete walls, to the solid wood furniture and autumn colors, every corner has serious style. We love the world map mural wallpaper in the ‘Young’ rooms (each type of room is named after the different types of wine maturity- Young, Classic, Reserva, Gran Reserva, etc).

And if the design wasn’t enough to make you feel relaxed, Entre Cielos also boasts a traditional hamam with oriental style spa treatments- the perfect way to start and end the week so return home completely refreshed. Finally, and most importantly, the hotel has its own exclusive wine called ‘Marantal’. If you think that this is some sub-par wine that comes second in importance to the on-goings of the hotel, think again. Two of their wines made the top 20 Best Malbecs of 2013. So your wine-snob boyfriend will have very little to complain about, while you both just sit back and relax with a good glass of red and a delicious plate of cheese.

If you love the clean aesthetic of Entre Cielos as much as we do, here are few items to get the look!

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