We like to think of ourselves as girls girls- when there’s so much room for all of us at the top, there’s no need for being anything but supportive. That said, we have a serious lady crush on Emily Weiss. Her style, her self discipline to maintain an extensive beauty routine, and most importantly her success as the founder of Into the Gloss, have made us committed fans.

You might be thinking, “Emily Weiss… she seems familiar.” Yes, you probably remember her as Lauren Conrad’s arch-intern-nemesis from Season 2 of the Hills. We all know that those shows are scripted, but we could tell that Emily’s diligence was as real as you can get. In her early twenties she was a force to be reckoned with (full time student at NYU, and two part time internships at Teen Vogue and Chanel). Now she directs one of the world’s leading beauty blogs, and hangs out with fashion icons as if it were no big thing. Into the Gloss is our ultimate beauty resource- its editorial can be personified as that confoundingly wealthier best friend who has every single beauty product at her disposal, doing the leg work for you, making it easier to find just the right product for you. It’s definitely something you should bookmark.

Now that we’ve mentioned her professional achievements, it’s time to talk about her style. Her look has an approachability in spite of it being slightly fashiony. She takes risks, showing that she’s not afraid to try out a new trend or wear a bold print, but by keeping the palette limited to neutrals she makes it wearable (no fashion victim here). In essence, Emily’s style can be broken down into silk and cotton blouses, white or black pants, a great pair of high heels, and of course a black bag that looks good with just about everything. When so many in the fashion world are competing for who looks the most outrageous, Emily knows what looks good on her, and she keeps it professional looking. It’s refreshing to see that her style is gimmick-free.

As the founder of a beauty blog, Emily Weiss, has hair, makeup and skincare down. Silky hair, slightly tanned skin (this is an anomaly in the fashion world, where self tanner is almost a daily necessity), and just the right eye-makeup-to-lipstick ratio. She’s realized that even the best outfit won’t have the same effect if the beauty look is off, therefore inspiring us all to invest in a better beauty regimen. With an all around impressive vision of style, it’s no wonder that her editorial endeavor has sky-rocketed in popularity. Now if she could just share some tips for where she finds her fashion pieces…

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