As the number of blooming buds increases so does our penchant for chic spring pieces! We are putting away our heavy wool coats and ready to replace them with beautiful airy tops and comfortable sleek bottoms. And just like that, it’s as though Emerson Fry read our mind! We simply couldn’t wait to share the release of her new Warm Spring 2014 Collection with you!

When versatility, style, luxury, and function collide, Emerson Fry’s Warm Spring collection is the glorious result. Her collection has a sophisticated coastal-chic feel, yet the versatility of the pieces makes them perfect for the urban go-getter as well as the trendy seaside-dweller. What makes the pieces so irresistible other than the fact that any gal can wear them and look runway ready? The minimalist aesthetic of the designs makes it so that they can easily be styled for work as well as a spring getaway, making them ideal for all occasions- something the a la mode and on-a-schedule woman can truly appreciate.

Needless to say, we are in love with all the elements that make up Emerson Fry’s designs. Function and versatility does not cover it though. Yes! There’s more!  What makes the garments even more fabulous is the fact that they are made in ageless clean whites, perfect nudes, and sleek tones of black, which allows them to be worn and styled with ease, year round. As if that weren’t enough they are all constructed with high-end quality materials which are built to last. Every single quality about Emerson Fry’s designs leads us to the lovely conclusion that Emerson Fry is truly a visionary and has not only designed the perfect spring collection, but has also provided us with amazing fashion-forward investment pieces, wearable for years to come!