If websites could be BFFs, Dot & Bo might be ours. For example, we both believe that great design should be accessible by all. Each day, the talented Dot & Bo team curates new collections filled with beautiful hand-picked items from around the world. For example, a shop based on that wood + metal loft you spotted on Pinterest, or everything you need for a lazy “sleep in Sunday.

Every product in the Dot & Bo shop tells a story, and they’re always grouped together in inventive ways… equalling an endless flow of inspiration while you shop. Dot & Bo offers on-trend styles you love at affordable prices, so you can decorate your home without compromising quality or sacrificing your budget. And if you’re feeling confused or just need a little design direction, a friendly expert is just a few clicks away for a live-chat advice session.

According to Dot & Bo, “shopping for your home should never feel like a chore,” and we couldn’t agree more.

Shop Rue: 1. Vase // 2. Mirror // 3. Pillow // 4. Table // 5. Lounge & Ottoman Set