Ok, with this month’s “Outfit to Room” we cheated a little – instead of one outfit, we found two stylish ladies whose combined look represented our room perfectly. Their downtown spring get-ups were just the right tone for this loft style bedroom, complete with rustic wood, a platform bed and industrial lighting. Before we get into the details of how these outfits and this space translate, we wanted to share an exclusive deal with you from one of our favorite home design retailers, High Fashion Home. Because we were inspired by their styled bedroom for this post, we reached out and snagged a great discount. From the 8th of May (that’s today!) to the 11th of May, they will offering our readers 10% off site wide with the code HFHRUE. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity, your home will thank you for it!

1. Cool tones– the most obvious connection between the bedroom and these two girls’ outfits is the color palette of cool blues, teals and grays. We think that there is nothing sexier than masculine tones.

2. An alluring play on traditional pieces – instead of doing your typical table lamp on each side of the bed, industrial see-through pendants have been used, toying with the expected. Similarly, the model in gray’s dress has sexy cut-outs allowing her to layer other sheer pieces underneath.

3. Imperfect surfaces – our featured outfits have an imperfect look – no shiny patent leather and starched fabrics here. Whether it’s the motor-cycle jacket that has been a fashion staple for a few seasons or the slightly wrinkled dress, it’s about throwing a look together without spending hours examining each piece for minor flaws. Our loft bedroom has a similar feel with its reclaimed platform bed and worn indigo pillows. It’s about comfort and style with a little bit of love put into it.