Partly bohemian, partly rocker, partly feminine, Clemence Poesy’s style is hard to pin down…and that’s exactly why we love her! We all know that the French are known for their ‘effortless chic’ sense of style, but something else seems to be at play with this natural beauty – an alluring sense of individuality mixed with a classic sensibility.

As we’ve learned from Clemence’s style, it’s all about blending different influences to create a look that’s completely your own. But just remember, les françaises never over do it. Perfect hair, makeup, and oversized jewelry? Absolutely not! It’s all about highlighting what you already have and making yourself look perfectly imperfect. Clemence’s slight wave to her blonde hair gives the impression that she wouldn’t be too concerned if her tresses got a little messy. And her outfits? Always loose and tight in all of the right places. As for her shoes, you won’t likely to catch her in sky high platform Louboutins any time soon!

You might have missed her movies (In Bruges, 127 Hours, and the last Harry Potter movie) but you can’t miss her incredible red carpet and street style looks. She’s a quintessential French beauty with admirable individual style. It’s all about knowing what works on your body and going for it, even if it strays a little from your usual style.

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