We all know that fashion isn’t practical, and we’ve seen a lot of compromise in the name of great style (Lady Gaga, we’re talking to you). But sometimes you have to wonder if both practicality and fashion cannot co-exist. Must we be limited to bags so small that even our wallets barely fit? Or wear heels that we can only walk 5 yards in? We believe that there must be some kind of compromise out there, and it looks like we’ve found it!

Long gone are the ugly and bulky, masculine backpacks that you used to carry around in high school. We’ve collected some great street style examples of stylish women toting around chic backpacks. And they look fantastic! We are relieved that this ultra useful bag has been given a makeover and has come back in a several really elegant styles. So the next time you have to lug a few things around town, we’ve got your back and have found six great backpacks that will make it all easier. Besides, if Miroslava Duma is wearing one, you know that it has been fashion approved.

Shop Rue: 1. Bag with Front Pocket // 2. Square Bag // 3. Checked Bag // 4. Pink Bag // 5. White Bag // 6. Black Bag