This fall we are introducing a new category to our style section called “Outfit to Room”. Since we are lovers of both style and of design, it’s sometimes hard to choose which one we prefer: they both play upon self expression and beauty. Since both art forms have quite a number of similarities as well as the fact that they can influence each other, we thought that it would be a good idea to show how one can translate into the other. How does a beautifully put together outfit turn into a similarly beautifully composed room?

This month we were taken by this stylishly cozy cold-weather outfit from one of our favorite international bloggers, Maritsa. We love the softness of her turtleneck sweater-dress mixed with the contrast of the bright ivory coat. It’s a modernly elegant yet relaxed look that we will be subscribing to this fall. But more than that we think it possesses something that could make for a completely stylish room, just like this space from the French Connection Home catalogue. Here’s how the two translate:

1. Charcoal gray & ivory– black and white has a new competitor: ivory and charcoal. A much softer pairing, these two tones maintain a similar level of contrast while giving the overall design a relaxed look. In the inspiration outfit just like in the designed space, the ivory lightens the weight created by the foundation of grays.

2. Soft knits– if you are going to go with a very neutral color scheme you have to focus on texture. Knitted textiles aren’t only practical for cold weather they also make the space feel more inviting, softening the stark white floors.

3. Clean lines– both the outfit and the room are composed of clean lines with slightly rounded edges. We love this modern look because without the competition of lots of curved and contrived edges, your eye glides right over them, creating a sense of peace.