Jamie Rose fell in love with cosmetics as a young girl involved in theater, where she was captivated by the artistry of makeup. From that experience, she pursued a career in the cosmetic industry and worked as a professional artist for many different lines and clients over the years in Seattle, Southern California and Idaho. She recently opened her own store, Blush by Jamie Rose, a cosmetic and skincare shop in Boise.

Tell us more about the design of the shop. What did you want it to feel like? How did you design the space? And I’m assuming it smells as fantastic as it looks!
When I got the space everything was very dark and harsh. I started by painting the walls the perfect shade of Blush and incorporated neutral floors and furniture. The store is designed to feel soft and light with elegant accents of brushed pewter and gold. I wanted my store to feel almost like you were transported to Paris for the day. I had custom bookcases made to replicate ones that you see back in Europe from the 1900s. When you walk around in my store you will see French prints, vintage perfume bottles, candelabras, old Victorian frames, and randomly arranged boxwood topiaries to add life. I try and have fun making my displays unique and beautiful. We also had the pleasure of working with Chandi for all of our lighting. Meredith Clark, the owner, designs each piece with creativity and love. Lastly, there is always a beautiful scent drifting throughout the store that evokes a sense of the heart notes of Blush.

Blush is a unique place- for instance, you have a scent bar where clients can customize their own personalized perfume. What inspired you to open Blush?
For years I have always wanted to open a luxury beauty boutique that carried only amazing and unique products you couldn’t find just anywhere. Many markets have never heard, seen or used many of the products that we carry. Second, I wanted the products to be showcased in a unique and intimate environment that inspires elegance and beauty. This is a unique factor missing from the retail experience in all but very high-end stores. Third, I wanted to create a place for clients to shop in that gave them the expert advice and artistry missing from almost any other place in the world. I wanted my clients to have a one-on-one tailored experience with an educated beauty professional that could really take the time to listen to their needs and educate them on what will be best for their everyday beauty routine.

You worked in many cities as a makeup artist. Why did you choose Boise for your first shop?
I actually grew up as a little girl in Laguna Beach, California. Later my parents ended up relocating to Boise, Idaho. I would say I am half and half; half Californian and half Idahoian. I guess I would be a Calihoian. When I finished school I moved away for my career living in Seattle, and then back to Southern California! My husband’s job is what brought us back to Idaho six years ago.

So Blush is really a return home in many ways, as well as a new start. For spring, is there a color trend in makeup that you are excited to explore?
A big trend that I feel like never leaves us for spring and summer is glowy dewy skin. Incorporating a highlighter with your tinted moisturizer and cream blush is one way to do this. Orange lips are big this season and it was definitely a major focus at fashion week for Spring 2014. The last trend I love right now is pops of pastel colors on the eyes- with an emphasis on hues of blue.