Barbara Martello knows how to bring sex appeal and sophistication together. She’s a fan of leather, studs, high waists and slim silhouettes. Her style is something that we’d all love to rock, if only we had her long legs and thin waist.

This stylish woman made a big career change- once a lawyer for Inditex (that’s the parent company behind Zara!), she decided that she wanted to take her career into the creative side of fashion. The Spanish native now freelances as a stylist for Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue Spain and Telva, as well as works as a consultant for the luxury retailers such as EKSEPTION.

We admire Barbara’s ability to take risks that look elegant rather than contrived. Her style is the real deal-bringing simple shapes a hint of allure by incorporating animal prints, laced booties and a tight fit. The key to pulling off Barbara’s look is to never over do it. Wearing a tight mini? Pair it with a loose white tee. Are you rocking sexy statement heels ? Keep the accessories small and minimal. However, beyond her incredible taste, we think Barbara’s charisma comes from her beautifully tanned skin and thick, shiny brown hair. So, our take away is to invest in an effective deep conditioner and to never be too worried about having our tresses out of place- the more you play with it, the better.

Shop Rue: 1. Patterned High Waisted Skirt // 2. Link Bracelet // 3. Black Tank // 4. Light Pink Nail Polish // 5. Snakeskin Heels // 6. Black Python Clutch